Patient Surveys

One way in which we will be assessing the broader impact of Long COVID on people, communities, and society as a whole is by conducting a national survey of United States residents. Over the coming months, we will sample patients with Long COVID, as well as comparison groups of people recovered from COVID-19 and people who have never been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Measuring the social, economic, and equity impacts of Long COVID will help employers, policymakers, healthcare payers, and other community leaders to develop or adapt programs and policies to meet people’s needs. It will also help them to prepare for the costs associated with Long COVID. Finally, we will use what we learn through the surveys to inform our mathematical modeling work to estimate the population-level economic impacts of Long COVID.

Employer Surveys

To further understand the impact of Long COVID on workplaces and employees, we are conducting a national survey of employers from small local businesses to Fortune 100 companies. 

Through these surveys, we hope to find out more about the impact of Long COVID on the workplace and productivity, work environments and benefits, business responses to the COVID-19 pandemic overall, and Long COVID-related accommodations requested and granted to date. We will use the survey results to inform policy recommendations and provide employers with tools to work with impacted employees appropriately. 


Stakeholder Roundtables

Developing consensus on
best practices and recommendations

Evidence Synthesis

Periodically reviewing
emerging literature,
sharing key findings

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