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03/08/2023 Boston Globe A new study found 59 percent of long-COVID patients had organ damage, but experts say it’s not that simple
02/07/2023 Public Good News How to approach long COVID treatment
01/25/2023 NBC 10 WJAR Long COVID Initiative at Brown University addresses misinformation
01/19/2023 Public Good News What researchers know about long COVID
01/13/2023 PBS: Amanpour & Co. Long COVID Doctor: “We Don’t Know What We’re Dealing With”
01/05/2023 National Journal Long COVID sidelined in Congress
12/22/2022 Washington Post 5 big questions we still need to answer about long covid
12/14/2022 Daily Mail More than 3,500 Americans have died from long Covid, CDC report finds
12/14/2022 Washington Post Long covid can be deadly, CDC study finds
11/25/2022 Washington Post Desperate covid long-haulers turn to costly, unproven treatments
11/11/2022 Rhode Island PBS Generation Rising: Long COVID
09/21/2022 Providence Business News Brown initiative breaks down long COVID in the workplace
08/29/2022 Verywell Health COVID-19 Increases Risk of Brain Conditions for 2 Years After Infection, Study Finds
07/22/2022 Public Health Out Loud Podcast Long Covid: Get the Facts
07/01/2022 Providence Journal What causes long COVID? Brown University researchers seeks answers for those who suffer
05/18/2022 Public Good News What it’s like to live with long COVID?
03/13/2022 Rhode Island PBS Rhode Island PBS Weekly- Long COVID
02/25/2022 Rolling Stone First They Got Long COVID. Then, It Made Them Homeless
02/01/2022 CBS MoneyWatch A cause of America's labor shortage: Millions with long COVID
12/24/2021 Wired To Help People With Long COVID, Scientists Need to Define It
10/06/2021 Rolling Stone People With Long COVID Are Risking Their Health Going Back to the Office
09/27/2021 Crooked The Long And Short Of Long COVID with Dr. Ashish Jha
09/22/2021 The Brown Daily Herald Long COVID initiative investigates long-term COVID-19 effects
09/10/2021 WPRI Brown University launches initiative to research effects of long COVID
09/08/2021 Boston Globe Brown University initiative aims to offer facts and advice on ‘long COVID’
09/08/2021 Washington Post Biden seeks pandemic reset as cases and deaths flare
Date Media Outlet Title

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